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Dynamic App-like presentations for iPad.

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A tremendous presentation and demonstration tool, all our documents and information are accessible on iPad, showing our clients their new home or their investment is as easy as a touch of a screen,  it allows us to create and manage our own interactive sales presentation for each of our developments nationwide, the overall experience has been fantastic, we have all our projects on one centralized platform, allowed us to visually present information more creatively and more efficiently, having complete control over all our projects and the ability to update the content is very convenient, very customizable but simple for us to use, everything we need to sell in the one convenient place.

Presentations so fluid, they feel like a native app.

One intuitive interface with many workflows to customise the way you present.

So easy - and fun to use.


A revolutionary way to use images, videos, PDFs in your presentations.


Let others explore your product like never before.


Works just like your phone: Tap, swipe, flick, drag, pinch and rotate.

Fully interactive, highly intuitive.

One intuitive interface with many workflows to customise the way you present.

Videos, pictures, PDFs? No problem.

Lightning fast performance so impressive, it will even make your 2011 iPad 2 feel new again.

It can do it all.

Multi-touch and intuitive

Interact with digital content as if it was on your desk.

Online editor

Create and manage your presentations from anywhere in the world.

Gesture interactive control

Tap, swipe, drag and pinch, just like your phone.

Compare. Annotate. Share.

Compare finishes, views or digital floorplans.

Annotate content, capture screenshots and  share via email, notes, AirDrop and more.

Kiosk mode with password

Use the password secure kiosk mode for quick and protected deployment in any location.

Centralised and source controlled

Manage content and project distribution by easily sharing desired projects with specific individuals or groups.

Offline mode

Download interactive sales presentations onto your device to guarantee full accessibility no matter where you are

Share to the big screen

Use wireless AirPlay or wired connections to throw your content to a separate screen. Wow your audience with Plate as part of your sales pitch.

Integrate anything online

Seamlessly integrate any online experience including 3D walkthroughs, live maps, social media and any websites.

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Take it to the big screen.

The perfect demonstration tool gets even more powerful when casting to a TV.

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